Measle Books by Ian Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy

Hi – this is the section which is all about ME, the author of the Measle books. My name is Ian Ogilvy. That photo there is what I look like – well, at the moment, at least. I’m an actor and a writer, although I haven’t done much acting recently because I’ve been really busy writing the Measle books – but here are a few of the TV shows I was in: Murder She Wrote, Upstairs Downstairs, I Claudius, Tom Dick & Harriet – and the one that made me a little bit famous, The Return Of The Saint.  I was in lots of plays in London and in Los Angeles as well, and I’ve done quite a few films too, including Death Becomes Her, Waterloo, and Witchfinder General.


Anyway, about these Measle books. I got the idea for the first one, Measle And The Wrathmonk, from this amazing train set I saw once. It was full of weird little details – like an old-fashioned nanny pushing a pram up a steep path and round the corner, coming in the opposite direction, was this enormous tiger… I thought that was pretty cool, so I sat down and wrote a story about a boy being shrunk down to a couple of centimetres and then being put into a toy train set. After that, I wrote one about a deserted theme park (that was Measle And The Dragodon) – and then one about a creepy castle (that was Measle And The Mallockee) – and then one about a slime monster (that was Measle And The Slitherghoul) …
And so on ...
I live in California, my wife’s name is Kitty, I’ve got a grown up daughter and a grown up son, two slightly younger stepsons (although they're grown up as well)  and two grandchildren (yes, I’m really incredibly old!) two dogs, two cats, a big black motorbike and lots of carpentry tools because I like making things out of wood.
And that's quite enough about ME!

Me - the author!
Me and my big black motorbike!
I'm the one on the right ...