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Your Emails

Accidentally deleted emails!!!

I have recently - and accidentally - deleted some emails from nice people who have wanted to get in touch with me about the Measle books. If you've sent me an email via the Contact section - and if you haven't had a reply - then please forgive me and send another one!


Thanks and apologies ...


Ian Ogilvy

Posted: Wednesday 4th June 2008, 6:15:52pm


Here's a list of all the countries - at least, all that I can think of - where the Measle books are sold!

United Kingdom - USA - Canada - Australia - New Zealand - Sweden - The Netherlands - Germany - France - Spain - Italy - Latvia - Lithuania - Poland - Rumania - Serbia & Montenegro - Brazil - Thailand - Japan - Turkey - Israel - and others I can't remember ...

- and more coming all the time!

Meanwhile, the film is still being planned ...

And I have a 6th Measle book - but right now, it's just in my HEAD!

Many thanks to all of you who have written to me, I love getting your emails, keep them coming!

Best wishes,

Ian O

Posted: Tuesday 20th May 2008, 10:33:49pm

Children's Book Award

The State of Georgia

Hi Everybody!


I'm just back from beautiful Georgia, where I was very proud to receive the Georgia Children's Book Award for Measle And The Wrathmonk!


This award is one of the oldest in the country - I was the 39th winner. The book is picked from a short list of 20 by the readers themselves, and Measle was up against some pretty strong competition, so this prize means a lot to me, as you can imagine.


I had to go and give a speech for about 45 minutes, and that was scary. I was talking to about 500 teachers and librarians from all over Georgia - and also from Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina - well, from all over, really. They were very nice, didn't cough much and laughed at all my awful jokes. Then I and several other terrific writers who'd been invited to the conference signed lots of our books for people who wanted to buy them - some for their schools, some for their libraries and some for themselves and their children.


Everybody said very kind things about the Meaale books. One lady told me that her son refused to read anything - then she started him on Measle And The Wrathmonk, which got him going ... he then went on and read all the rest of the series and now really likes books! Another lady, a school librarian, told me that she has had to replace the Measle books several times in her library, because they get so tattered and torn by all the kids who want to read them!


Anyway, I had a lovely time and came home with this beautiful plaque, which now hangs in my study.


Oh - and here's the award Measle got from the Lincolnshire Young Readers too!


Happy reading!


Ian O


Posted: Tuesday 11th March 2008, 3:55:51pm


Wishing everybody a very merry one - and a

- very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


To all the great Measle readers - I hope you have a lovely holiday, get tons of presents, eat too much, don't get sick, read more Measle books - and, if you're American and can't find the two latest Measle books in your bookstore, that's because they're not published in the USA yet - but you CAN get them from England and here's how to do it:


email to and order them from there.


THEN, write a cross letter to HarperCollins Children's Books in New York - 1350 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019, asking WHY you can't get either Measle And The Slitherghoul, or Measle And The Doompit, in America!!!!


Anyway, I hope you all have a great time during the holidays - and thanks again for visiting the Measle site - and thanks for reading the Measle books!


Best wishes to everybody,


Ian Ogilvy

Posted: Thursday 20th December 2007, 7:24:01pm

Hello to Measle Readers!

About stuff ...

Hi, everybody!


First off, I want to say a big THANK YOU to everybody who has visited this web site and then used the Contact page to write to me. So far, it's all been good - everybody seems to like Measle Stubbs and his adventures a lot - and that's always nice for the author to hear.

Now, quite recently, a lot of my American readers have been getting in touch, wondering why they can't get hold of book # 5 and book # 6 - Measle And The Slitherghoul, and Measle And The Doompit. Well, they can, of course - but it does mean going online and typing in and ordering the books to be sent from England. The reason for this is my American publishers, HarperCollins, are being very slow about doing these last two Measle adventures, so anybody who wants them NOW has to get them from my English publishers (via - and, of course, these are the English editions, which have a few rather terrific illustrations in them. It's easy and not expensive to get them sent over from England and, of course, I think it's well worth it.

BUT - if you want a matching set of American Measle books, here's what I suggest you do. You could write a FURIOUS letter to HarperCollins, asking therm why you can't get Measle And The Slitherghoul and Measle And The Doompit here in the United States - but German kids can get ithem in Germany, and Swedish kids can get them in Sweden, and Polish kids can get them in Poland - etc, etc, etc.

Here's where you write:

HarperCollins Publishers - Children's Books
1350 Avenue Of The Americas

New York,

NY  10019-4703


I can't guarantee that your letter will do any good - but it would be cool to let old HarperCollins know that you're not happy with only 3 Measle books - you want all 5 of them!


OK, that's all for now ...

Regards to my terrific readers!,

Ian Ogilvy



Posted: Saturday 24th November 2007, 9:54:37pm
Iggy dripping in a bucket - from Slitherghoul
Angry wrathmonks - from Slitherghoul
Iggy likes sugar - from Slitherghoul
Deadly scorpion fairy - from Doompit
The werewolves - from Doompit