Measle Books by Ian Ogilvy


If you click on each title, you'll learn more about the different books, and the adventures of Measle Stubbs.

So, in this bit, I'm going to be a bit boastful (sorry!) and put in some of the nice things people have written about the stories:


"The kind of book you just won't be able to put down." (William - aged 11, UK)


"This book is absolutely brilliant! (George - 10, UK)


"When you read the first few pages you never want to put the book down." (Theo - 9, UK)


"I just couldn't put it down ... adventurous and amazing." (Brian - 11, New York)


"One of the best books I have ever read!!!" (Cara - 12, California)


"A terrific tale in every sense." (Amanda Craig - The Times)


"Stink is what Ogilvy does best. This is a book that smells superbly foul." (Michael Rosen - The Guardian)


"Brilliant. It's a work that's comparable to Roald Dahl." (Aberdeen Evening Express)


"A disgustingly addictive adventure, told with pace and panache ..." (Achuka,


"Genuinely creepy at times, illuminated with flashes of surreal humour." (Jan Marks - TES)


"Move aside, Harry. Step out of the spotlight, Baudelaires. Here comes Measle ... fresh and fun and, just a little bit frightening." (The Washington Post)


Winner of the Lincolnshire Young Readers Award, the Georgia State Children's Literature Award. Shortlisted for the Utah Beehive Award and the Bedfordshire Award.


Translated and published in more than 24 countries.


If you liked Harry Potter (or even if you didn't like Harry Potter) then Measle is for YOU!

Iggy Niggle
Tinker and some really small cows ...
The Big Black Motor Bike
Measle stands his ground!