Measle Books by Ian Ogilvy

Measle and the Doompit

Have you ever wondered where all the monsters go?


Where they live, when they're not scaring you into bits of wobbly jelly?


Well, they're in the DOOMPIT, that's where.


By now, Measle Stubbs has an awful lot of enemies. He's got more enemies than friends. And they all would like to see him dead.

Or worse ...


So, if you want a fellow dead (or worse) what better place to put him - than in the DOOMPIT!


It's not somewhere you want to go to - especially not on a perfectly safe and quite ordinary school trip. A school trip that starts out so well. Measle and his class mates, off on a bus for a few days, escorted by the ever-popular teacher Mr. Lockey - the one who makes all the jokes ...


But there's the Doompit - waiting for Measle - and down he falls - down, and down, and down ... SPLAT!


And what's waiting for him at the bottom?


Well, it's probably best you don't know.


In fact, you'd better not read this one. Please - if you want to keep your sanity, leave this one on the shelf.


There are some things that are best kept in the dark ... in the shadows ... out of sight ...