Measle Books by Ian Ogilvy

Measle and the Dragodon

Things are looking great for Measle Stubbs. He's making up for lost time and having fun.


It seems a bit too good to last ...


And it is.


The ancient and mysterious Dragodon and his gang of SEVEN horrible Wrathmonks are bent on revenge for what Measle did to Basil Tramplebone. They've taken over a huge theme park - The Isle Of Smiles - which has been closed down for the winter, and they're about to lure poor Measle and his trusty dog Tinker deep into the greatest danger of their lives.


Being hunted down by horrors in a dark and deserted, wet and spooky theme park is anything but fun! And what, exactly, is lurking in the vast cave that lies beneath The Isle Of Smiles? Well, it's certainly BIG ...


Measle is on a mission with more ups and downs than a roller coaster! AND there's a big black motor bike in there somewhere ...


Can Measle save the day?


Well, if you read this horribly scary book, you'll definitely find out!

The English cover
The American cover
The Seven Wrathmonks
The new edition in the UK!