Measle Books by Ian Ogilvy

Measle and the Mallockee

Wow - that last adventure was a narrow escape!


But Measle did brilliantly! He saved the day! He was a hero! Everything turned out all right!


Then why is he in such awful trouble?


Well, it seems the Wizards Guild is none too pleased about what happend with the Dragodon, and they're blaming Measle for everything - and boy are they angry!


Measle has to get away fast - but where to go?


Hey, Caltrop Castle seems pretty safe ...


But once he's there, Measle begins to wish he was somewhere else. There's something really strange about the ancient place. Rooms aren't where they're supposed to be. Corridors shift around. Staircases disappear ...


But Caltrop Castle can still keep out the baddies, can't it? Those great thick walls, those massive ironwood doors ...


Sure it can!


The only trouble is, there's something horrible already in there! Something locked in there with Measle! Something that seems rather keen to cut him into a million little pieces ...


Oh, the horror! 

The English cover
The American cover
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