Measle Books by Ian Ogilvy

Measle and the Slitherghoul

There's a BLOB out there.


That's really the only way to describe it. A BLOB of stinky, sticky, oozing slime, with a life of its own. It's on the loose, slurping up everything in its path - and its getting bigger and bigger and bigger ...


By the time it reaches Measle, it's the size of a locomotive!


Along the way, the horrible messy thing has swallowed up a gaggle of the worst wrathmonks in the world - and they all hate Measle Stubbs. So now, the BLOB hates Measle Stubbs as well.


And the disgusting, slithery, slimy, wobbly, sticky, smelly monster is completely, utterly, absolutely, totally  INDESTRUCTIBLE! Nothing can harm it! You could explode an atom bomb under it - and it wouldn't feel a thing!


And that's what Measle has to face.


Hey, Measle - good luck, buddy!


You're going to need it ...


(Oh - and this is probably the ickiest book you will ever read!)


The new edition in the UK!