Measle Books by Ian Ogilvy

Measle and the Wrathmonk

Measle Stubbs is really, really unlucky! He's thin and weedy, he cuts his own hair with a pair of rusty kitchen scissors, he hasn't had a bath in years - and he has to live with his horrible - and horribly scary - old guardian, the creepily beastly Basil Tramplebone - who just happens to be a Wrathmonk.


Wrathmonks are very very bad news indeed. Why? Well, for a start, they're all raving MAD!


Just when Measle thinks things can't get any worse, he's zapped by a stinky spell from Basil's smelly breath and shrunk down to a centimetre in height - and dropped right into the middle of Basil's enormous train set.


And boy, is it enormous! There are towns and forests and lakes and plastic people and - well, just about everything you can think of. There's also something huge and terrifying lurking up in the rafters, not to mention a giant cockroach the size of a bus - and absolutely, positively, no way that Measle can get back to his proper size and escape ... no way WHATSOEVER!


Or is there?


Hmmm ...

The English cover
The American cover
The new edition in the UK!